CCTV Solution

CCTV Solution

Video monitoring is an increasing requirement for businesses and is growing in the residential market too. Besides providing a powerful deterrent, CCTV can deliver evidence for use in court and can help lower your insurance premiums.

We will design, install and maintain a bespoke state of the art digital CCTV protection system based on a detailed understanding of your own business needs. We can even integrate our solution with your existing systems.

Sophisticated recording

Our CCTV cameras will pan, tilt & zoom and can even handle facial recognition. The can all be managed remotely, delivering high-definition which won’t degrade on playback, recording or forwarding.

Choose how you view

We can integrate your CCTV system with your desktop computers, smartphones and tablets over a secure 3g or 4g network, providing superb flexibility in the way you view and store your CCTV activity and incidents.

Cloud-based CCTV

Cloud-based solutions offer a cost effective long or short term enhancement to any CCTV system, enabling your digital footage to be stored and replayed online.

Intelligent Analytics

Analytics is now at the forefront of CCTV technology, offering a wide range of flexibility, customisation and other benefits. Please ask about the range of analytics we supply, including specialist retail solutions.

Licence-plate recognition

We provide the ANPR/LPR cameras and software you need to confirm and record the vehicles coming into and out of an area.

Full PA Voiceover

We will connect your CCTV system to your tannoy, so that trespassers can be ordered to leave via a loud automated or personal warning – even from a remote location (although the intruder will think you are on site)

Remote Monitoring

We can take over monitoring your CCTV feed, providing a CCTV monitoring company after hours by dialing into your cameras over a secure internet connection.