Internet Leased Line

Internet Leased Line

A Internet Leased Line is a private high-performance circuit leased by a common carrier between Customer’s premises and ISP’s NOC. It is rented on an annual basis and usually carries voice and data or both. A leased line is always active. Similarly unlike broadband, a leased line is not contended or shared and delivers dedicated guaranteed bandwidth straight to the internet backbone. Customers pay a premium for a leased line and it is supported by a comprehensive Service-Level Agreement (SLA) with a guaranteed fix time and a compensation clause.

A Lease Line can also be used for following applications

  • Linking your web server to the Internet, which gives you the flexibility to tailor applications according to your business requirements.
  • To host your corporate web site or e-commerce storefront where customers and business partners from around the world can reach your company 24*7*365 making your business accessible round the clock.
  • To send & receive e-mails through the Internet, set up news groups & electronic bulletin boards or simply browse the web any time.
  • For showcasing your company profile, products & service packages even in a multimedia format.


  • IT provides you with 24 hr Internet Connectivity.
  • Leased Lines provide symmetric connectivity where as in other connections like broadband the download speed and upload speed vary quiet drastically.
  • A leased line is important if you have your own corporate web site, your own mail server or web server on the Internet. With the link that is up continuously round the clock, your customers & business associates from around the world can stay in touch with you at all times.
  • We provide you with best internet speed with Lease Line